My name is Tiffany Smith (as you may have seen on the front page), and I am a huge fan of Guild Wars 2.
I write short (and long) stories (aka fan fiction) based on Tyria, the fictional universe the Guild Wars game series takes place in.
I have spent hours thinking about the various mysteries of Tyria, and come to some interesting conclusions, some of which are detailed in my main fanfiction (the Tassof Series).
I have a bunch of grudges and annoyances towards ArenaNet, the producer of the Guild Wars game series, that are never aired simply because I am not a ‘social media’ person – you’ll notice you don’t see an invitation to follow me on anything anywhere on this site.
I absolutely love to get into conversations and debates about things because I need stimulation. The oft-repeated phrase “this is why I talk to people!” is said after somebody has given me a particularly interesting idea.
Sometimes I have questions; ‘how does this work’ or ‘why did X happen in the storyline’ and many others. I only have a few people to ask these questions of, though, and a lot of time is spent trying to figure them out on my own.
All these reasons (and more!) are the reason for this site – so I can connect with people, so I can discuss my favorite things, so I can share my writing, and so that I can expound on my theories and ideas.
The connecting with people thing can happen right now, right here!

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