The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I am so excited to have started this blog. To get you started, I’ll tell you a few things about it:

Firstly, it is about two main subjects – writing and Guild Wars 2. I am honestly not sure which one is more important to me, but I do know that Guild Wars 2 (note: although it is preceded by a ‘Guild Wars,’ I will say ‘Guild Wars’ on occasion and always mean ‘Guild Wars 2,’ and if I mean the actual first ‘Guild Wars’ I’ll say ‘Guild Wars 1’… please tell me if that’s confusing) will take most of the attention on this site.

Secondly, I want to hear your opinions! I have been told by family that I am good at writing, or that I’m really smart… but my family is obviously biased.

Thirdly, the ‘About’ page is not (as I get the feeling all ‘About’ pages are) a boring list of stuff that I never pay attention to. It’s more of an introduction to the blog, so check it out! (And tell me if it is a boring list of nothing that anybody cares about!)

Fourthly… if you want to chat with me, my Discord server can be found at, where we can get into a more interactive conversation about either of the two topics covered by this blog!

The hero sought to save the world. “If I keep trying, I’ll be able to win,” the hero thought. But the harder the hero fought, the further the world seemed to tumble away.a shade of the Pact Commander, encountered in The Sword Regrown.

This is an echo of both our efforts to defeat a super-powerful boss mob and, more importantly, my effort to write properly without any help whatsoever.

With unity, you will find that many impossible things can be achieved. — the Pale Tree, in A Light in the Darkness.

Hence the birth of Tiffany’s Tyrian Experiences!